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Neuron has researched thoroughly and found that Cognitive Services have the immense ability to save time by automating record keeping and citizen services, as it helps both Public and the Private sectors to focus more on the complex tasks.

Our core purpose is to improve efficiency and provide more valuable insights to the business using cognitive services.

There’s no denying the disruptive potential of Cognitive services in transforming the way businesses interact with consumers and clients.

Public and Private sectors are closely looking at Cognitive services as it has the power to solve numerous problems that are unsolved till date.

Cognitive services hold vast potential to transform public and private services which are held back by bureaucracy and out-dated IT systems.

Our solution to address the pain points?

Governments across the world are eying to invest huge amount on AI research, as machine learning capabilities are enhancing rapidly. No advance has captured the imagination of The US Government more than artificial intelligence.

We at Neuron have found that the Cognitive Services can help U.S. federal government in documenting around hundred discrete use cases across various agencies in the civilian, national security, law enforcement and public safety, healthcare sectors and many more.

Categories where Cognitive Services are highly applicable?

  • Case Management.
  • Customer service.
  • Human capital management.
  • Fraud and risk management.
  • Predictive analysis and visualization.

Our cognitive service solutions benefit the private sectors like Call centres, medical industries, and IT service organisations. Some of the key technologies that Organisations are seriously considering are process automation, machine learning, Internet of surfing, identity analysis, biometrics, digital imprints etc.

Case management

With Machine learning and robotic process automation, we at Neuron can speed up data entry and minimize errors which help in avoiding manual data entry, lack of integrated data, inaccurate reporting and inconsistent outcomes.


Customer Service

Virtual agents with (NLP) can enable customer self-service and route citizens to the right information or representatives, helping the call center employees to focus on complex issues.

Human capital management

We believe that NLP and machine learning together can identify applicants with the right skills and behavioral attributes for future job success, which enables to eliminate inability to identify the right talent.

Fraud and risk management

Neuron believes that a government agency which is responsible for social welfare benefits needs a better way to combat fraudulent claims. Combining Machine learning, Cognitive services with RPA we can validate and integrate data from multiple sources.

Machine Learning can analyse behaviours to identify emerging trends in fraud and abuse so that agencies can act before they cause significant damage.