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What We Do

Leveraging Cognitive Science tools and methodologies, we create customized solutions for Public Sector clients that solve their difficult and long-term challenges.

We provide our clients deeper understanding and knowledge of their vast array of data in order to identify key metrics, create greater operational efficiency, and the knowledge needed to make insightful decisions.

NEURON - Connecting the Data


Machine Learning

We develop supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms to deliver insight to your data sets. Neuron’s expertise with Python and R platforms allows us to develop customized solutions that enable our clients to obtain greater knowledge into the value of their data. This knowledge improves their strategic and operational decision making processes

Robotic Process Automation

Both RPA and Cognitive Automation have the potential to make business processes more intelligent and efficient. Improvement in efficiency, productivity and performance are key milestones of Neuron to its clients.

AI Chatbots

Neuron has experience in designing chatbots for marketing, customer support, product selection, and feedback. Adding a conversion chatbot to an Application increases client engagements, retention and conversion rates. Chatbots also improve navigation and onboarding.

Neuron - Connecting The Data

Public Sector

We are supporting our clients with advanced AI robotic process automation (RPA) embedded with Natural Language Processing. Our customized Machine Learning algorithms enhance our client’s knowledge and insight into their Case Management processes, enabling predictive forecasting of case outcomes.


Public Sector Health

We are currently developing customized Deep Learning algorithms to provide our clients greater insight into predictive factors leading to substance and behavior addictions, treatment outcomes, and the most cost effective preventive measures.


Public Sector Finance

Fraud detection and prevention is critical to the stability of public sector finance. We leverage cognitive methodologies for Text Searches and Analytics with Machine Learning processes to predict and to identify instances of insurance and Treasury fraud.


Public Sector Education

We are developing Natural Language Processing based upon Machine Learning applications that provide greater insight into academic performance indicators and success rates for students with learning disabilities.


Neuron - Connecting The Data

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