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Neuron - Microsoft Azure
Neuron - Connecting The Data

Azure Machine Learning

We use Machine learning applications to help us in driving the smart business results that have potential to cut down on costs and to save a lot of time spent on manual business operations. Various tasks are automated by Machine Learning to boost productivity in business.

UI Path
Neuron - Connecting The Data

UI Path RPA Tool

We use RPA technology effetely to automate the Business processes. Finding simple solutions to complex problems is certainly not an easy task.

We incorporate many next generation features from RPA that enables to deliver even the most complex projects.

Neuron - Predictive Analytics
Neuron - Connecting The Data

Predictive Analytics

Predictions about future are analyzed by using historical data. Predictive models are built by using data mining with the help of statistical techniques.

Neuron - IBM Blue Prism
Neuron - Connecting The Data

IBM Blue Prism Watson Platform.

The Blue Prism partnership gives enterprises a cloud-based Intelligent Automation platform with certified reference architecture for IBM Cloud to make collaborating and combining the efforts of people, processes, and technologies a seamless experience.

Neuron - Tensor Flow
Neuron - Connecting The Data

Tensor Flow

Tensor Flow is a complete open source platform for machine learning. Flexible comprehensive tools, libraries and resources allows researchers push the state on art in ML and allows developers build and deploy ML powered applications.

Neuron - Deep Learning
Neuron - Connecting The Data

Deep learning through Visualisation

Visualisation tools help in visualizing and drawing insights from a raw data through graphical representation.

Neuron - Fraud Detection
Neuron - Connecting The Data

Fraud Detection

Public Sector and Private Sector Solutions - Neuron
Neuron - Connecting The Data

Assets Planning

Using Cognitive services and machine learning, we help Public and Private sectors with assets planning using historical data to help them better manage their assets and resources.